Adventure hike

For the summer party 2022, the management has again thought of something very special.
On Friday, 29.07.2022 at 09:00 the employees of the company gathered on the company premises. The occasion was an adventure hike.

Punctually at 9:30 the bus driver opened his doors. Traditionally, the junior general manager took the microphone and made an announcement: “Hello everyone, we as the management wish every employee a good time on this day. It is the merit of each and every one of us that we can participate here today laughing. For this we thank you very much”.In Unterkirnach, at the Breitbrunnen Inn, the “Black Forest Action Team”, which had already been booked, welcomed us and gave us the first instructions on how to proceed. Afterwards two groups were formed. Together with the “rangers” we went into the depths of the Black Forest, where various games of skill awaited the individual teams. Around noon, the first clouds appeared over the sky. Each participant put one foot in front of the next all the faster in order to escape the thunderstorm in time. Finally, everyone took a seat under the umbrella in the already pre-booked Breitbrunnen inn.

After the meal, it was time for the second part of the day’s program.  Die steile Verdauungswanderung führte auf die Burgruine Kirneck. Nach der Rückfahrt mit dem Bus ließ man den spannenden und erfolgreichen Tag noch in gemeinsamer Runde ausklingen.

„The goal of such a measure is not to have a team that consists of individuals who are each well rounded, but to have well rounded teams that consist of individuals who function given their strengths“.

Liliane Grandpierre, Teamtrainierin und Teamcoach

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