Games, fun and getting to know each other

Our games evening on 04.05.2023

Our company is growing steadily, and we are always happy to welcome new employees to our ranks. Since teamwork is very important to us, good cooperation is essential. But how do you promote this without making a big effort? The answer was provided by an imaginative idea from the management: a games evening!

An evening full of excitement, fun and team spirit

Under the motto “Games, fun, excitement and getting to know each other”, we met in a relaxed atmosphere with candlelight, delicious snacks and cold beer. After motivating words from our colleague Katrin Deniz Himmelsbach, we got started. First, two teams were formed by drawing lots. In a first brainstorming session, the task was to find creative team names. Afterwards, a uniform selection of games was on the agenda before the challenge could begin.

Activity: Focus on creativity and communication

The teams unanimously decided on the popular game “Activity”. With creative pantomimes and explanations, the new colleagues got to know each other better in a playful way.
The focus was not only on having fun, but also on solving tasks together and developing team spirit.

A successful evening with a lasting impression

After about three exciting hours, the evening drew to a close. Each participant took home a large portion of good humor and – after all the shared laughter – certainly also a sore muscle. Our games evening showed once again how important it is to get to know each other better outside of the daily work routine and to create shared experiences. We are already looking forward to the next event!