Laser Tag

The month of November was marked by an unforgettable trip to LaserTag in Villingen-Schwenningen for the employees of PIT. A trip to the LaserTag evening took place for the first time in 2019. As the enthusiasm was so great, the third trip to Villingen took place in 2023. This time, 13 employees took up the challenge.

The atmosphere was electric as soon as we arrived. After a short briefing, we were split into two teams for the first two rounds. The team spirit quickly manifested itself, and yet each group wanted to take home the victory. The game was played three times for 15 minutes. The third and final round brought a new dimension to the game when we were finally split into a total of three teams. This added an extra layer of complexity. After each round, exhaustion and exertion were visible on our faces. At the forefront of every activity PIT offers is always employee retention and satisfaction.

Finally, Mr. Himmelsbach took the floor, with his usual friendly smile, to express his satisfaction with our active participation: “We want to see you with this energy in future teamwork at PIT!” he said. After these rousing games, we shared all the impressions and highlights over a well-deserved meal in the restaurant. PIT generously treated all participants to a meal.

Thank you to everyone who shared this moment and we are already looking forward to organizing more events.
The next highlight will be PIT’s Christmas party, which will take place in December.