PIT team evening in the Dream Bowl

In April, our team met at Dream-Bowl Böblingen for an unforgettable team-building evening. For an hour and a half, we enjoyed the bowling lanes, where the atmosphere was both competitive and sociable. A total of 15 employees spread over three lanes.

After this emotional bowling session, we continued the evening in the bistro-restaurant of Dream-Bowl Bowling, hosted by the managing directors of PIT. We know from experience how valuable conversations with employees outside the company can be. Each time we learn a little more about each other and get to know each other better.

To ensure that everyone could enjoy the evening to the fullest without worrying about transportation, a bus was provided for the return trip.

At PIT, we attach great importance to regularly organizing events for our employees. We are convinced that these moments of coming together are crucial to strengthen team spirit, improve communication and create a positive working environment. By enabling everyone to get to know each other better outside of working hours, we promote a climate of trust and solidarity that is reflected in our everyday working life.

Thanks to activities like this, together we build a strong and motivated team that is ready to overcome any challenge. At PIT, we firmly believe that happy employees are the key to our shared success.