Romulo Kuranyi schaut gemeinsam mit dem management von Production in Time die Werke an.

PIT x Romulo Kuranyi

An inspiring meeting between the artist and the managing director of the company PIT brought about this collaboration. After Katrin Deniz Himmelsbach fell in love with his work, she proposed a collaboration project to Romulo Kuranyi, which the artist was immediately enthusiastic about.

Romulo Kuranyi is a Brazilian-German artist. His passion for drawing and painting have always been part of his life. The artist expresses himself through pop art, drawing faces that show all human emotions. Whether it is happiness, sadness, fear, doubt or courage, each face that his hand draws is unique. It is also a mixture of many cultures and characters that the artist conveys in his artwork – matching the corporate culture of PIT GmbH. In his quiet studio in Stuttgart, the artist creates his artwork after finding ideas everywhere. Whether traveling or interacting with people Romulo Kuranyi draws inspiration from the experiences of his life to create his artwork. He paints on canvas, but also on wood, steel, aluminum or carbon, capturing the different emotions through fine strokes with markers, brushes or spray cans. In each painting, the totality of human emotions is represented by faces, and dozens or even hundreds of heads are pasted together, without one resembling the other. Sometimes the viewer’s eye is addressed by a face that reflects his own state of mind at the time of viewing the artwork.

PIT worked closely with artist Romulo Kuranyi for a year to prepare for a special project. During this, many ideas emerged, which eventually led to a unique result. The image had to be a perfect fit for PIT and reflect the company’s art values and identity. We are proud to present you this unique work of art. The PITxRomulo project has produced three images: the Panda, the Happy image and the Heart image. The “Panda” stands first and foremost for sustainability and at the same time symbolizes the diversity at PIT, because more than 15 nations come together in our company. The “Heart” stands for the philosophy of how PIT leads its employees, with heart & mind. And finally, “Happy” is to illustrate that our highest aspiration is that all employees are happy & enjoy working at PIT!

We thank Romulo Kuranyi for the collaboration and his creative finalization of the artwork.