Sliding bolt painting for new building handover

On 30.06.2021 the final handover of our new building took place on the part of the architect’s office “Fichter”. Fitting to this special event, the company PIT received a painting as a gift, which was made over months in finest handwork. Template for this was an article from the extensive part spectrum of the enterprise. It concerns here so-called sliding bolts, which are installed for example in various automobile components. “We have been producing these parts for our customer for more than 30 years,” says Mr. Himmelsbach (CEO).

The idea came to Mr. Fichter when he secretly entered the company in a night and fog action and looked around the production hall. From the original cell phone photo, a painting measuring 1.70 x 2.40 meters was created in cooperation with a long-time friend.

The artist, Wolfram Werner has focused here on the Altmeisterlicher painting technique as “glaze painting – oil on canvas”. In this type of painting, many very thin layers of paint are applied to the canvas until a spatial character is created, thereby up to 100 layers are applied. The painting technique originates from the Renaissance painting of the old masters and is now very rarely used, because the time required is very enormous. For our painting, the artist needed about a year.

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