Weber barbecue grilling course

Company PIT celebrates 10-year anniversary of its employees with Weber barbecue grilling course

PIT Company organized a special event to properly celebrate the 10th anniversary of its employees. It was of great importance for PIT to organize an event for its employees to properly honor this special occasion.

An exclusive barbecue grilling course was offered in cooperation with the renowned Weber grill company. Participants had the unique opportunity to improve their barbecue skills and reach new culinary heights on the gas grill.

The barbecue course was led by Weber experts who showed the participants how to safely use the gas grill and achieve perfect temperature control.

After all participants had improved their knowledge and skills, a delicious menu was prepared by them:

⟹ Appetizer: marinated mushrooms from the grill basket with smoky Spanish butter sauce, served with fresh baguette.
⟹ Finger food: juicy pork steaks from the apple chili brine, grilled hot and finished with shaved Gorgonzola cheese
⟹ Appetizer: Paella “Pescador” refined with saffron, served with king prawns and fish fillet
⟹ Intermediate course: breast of free-range chicken in homemade teriyaki sauce accompanied by Thai curry pancakes and wasabi mayonnaise
⟹ Main course: Beef rump “spicy and smoky” flavored with smoked pepper rub, served with stuffed grilled potatoes and marinated cauliflower in Madeira sauce
⟹ Dessert: apple tree cake with vanilla ice cream

The dishes were then tasted and enjoyed by all participants.

The event was not only a great opportunity for employees to improve their grilling skills, but also a chance to get to know each other better and exchange ideas in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The participants were thrilled with the barbecue course. It was a day full of culinary discoveries and memories that the employees will cherish for a long time.