“Our company is aware of the current labor crisis, so we have decided not to reduce the number of employees due to market fluctuations, in order to meet the increased demand and ensure that our customers are well taken care of in the time they need us.

We always strive to retain all employees, and we are committed to this and accept every challenge.
Our overriding credo is that even in times of crisis, all jobs are safeguarded.

We are gradually creating new jobs in our company. These jobs are in various departments and not only pay well, but also offer many benefits.”

Katrin Deniz Himmelsbach


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Who are we?
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PIT Zerspantechnik und Handels GmbH is a high-performance, medium-sized company with over 45 employees, which can look back on a long company history. As a manufacturer of turned parts, in the small to medium range, we are an efficient and flexible partner of the construction, medical and automotive industries.

Health & Well-beeing


Health promotion is an important topic. We now know that health and performance depend enormously on the activities performed in the course of working life and are not a question of age. We want our employees to feel good and stay healthy, which is why we have decided to create an area where employees can do something for their health to compensate. In addition to a fitness room, the company also has a sauna and regularly offers massages and courses such as YOGA.

  • Fitness area (60m²)
  • Sauna & wellness area (40m² with loungers, sauna & tropical shower)
  • Relaxation room (relax & nap)
  • Massage (various offers: Tok Sen, classic, hot stone, gemstone)
  • yoga

Recreation room

Social spaces offer employees the chance to step out of their professional roles for a moment. Here they can find relaxation and entertainment. At the heart of our spatial concept was the idea of creating a place where all the employees of our two plants meet. Located on the top floor of the new building, the space is meant to symbolize that we give equal importance to each of our employees, no matter what job he or she does with us. The completely glazed gallery with integrated lounge is the centerpiece of the room and allows a panoramic view of the entire production.

Leisure & Events

According to a study by the Global CEO Survey in 2016, there is nothing that boosts employee motivation more than trust and having fun at work. And team spirit among our employees is also very important to us. To promote team spirit, we offer team events 3-4 times a year. From playing laser tag to joint cooking evenings, torchlight hikes or bowling, everything is possible that is fun, and employees can also contribute their own creative ideas. Our primary goal is to create a workplace where employees feel comfortable, because through the emotional bond we create, we ensure that our employees are at work with their hands, hearts and minds.
  • Team events (summer, Christmas party, etc.)
  • Joint activities (laser tag, bowling, escape room and much more)
  • Raffles & competitions (Easter tombola, Christmas calendar, etc.)
  • Badminton

Environmental protection & sustainability

Unvironmental protection & sustainability are an important topic in our company, therefore we deal responsibly with the available resources. There are four charging stations for e-cars on our company premises, which are available to our employees free of charge.

Canteen & Hofmann Menu

Lunch is still the main meal today. In companies in particular, it helps to boost the performance of employees. We offer a choice of 15 different hot dishes every day, so that our employees can go to work feeling invigorated.

Perspective & Education

We offer a wide range of training opportunities, both in-house and off-site. Our management program is aimed at experienced employees who want to develop their leadership skills. For junior staff, we offer a special program to further their careers.
  • In-house and external training
  • Management program
  • Junior staff program

Finances & Security

With us, you will find secure jobs and have the opportunity to benefit from various advantages. These include bonuses for special achievements, discounts on corporate benefits with the Edenred card and anniversary gifts of up to EUR 2,000. We also offer a company pension scheme with up to 20% employer contribution and attractive bonuses.
  • Secure jobs
  • bonuses
  • Discounts on corporate benefits (Edenred card)
  • Anniversary gifts (up to EUR 2,000)
  • BAV with a contribution of up to 20% AG subsidy
  • Surcharges


The compatibility of family and career is very important to us. “We lost a valuable employee even before the new plant was completed. She was a single parent and could no longer cope with the double burden in the long term,” says Katrin Deniz Himmelsbach, Managing Director of PIT GmbH. This situation was the reason for considering integrating a daycare center. We want our employees not to have to worry about their children and therefore offer flexible childcare or even all-day care in our company on request. The daycare center opens at 7:00 am. Appointments can be arranged flexibly. The daycare center consists of two separate rooms: a recreation room and a quiet room. A small outdoor area is currently being planned.

We offer flexible childcare by arrangement. We also have a special support program and homework supervision.
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As a globally active company, we have the ambition to grow with the requirements of the international market in the future as well. Here you can find our current vacancies and apply directly online.

Send us your convincing application documents to
jobs@productionintime.com or simply and conveniently online.

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